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Our mission is to support, connect and advance education institutions by creating a sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective evidence-based review management system with services to support quality assurance




The Peer Review Portal (PRP) is referred to in the TEQSA guidance note on external referencing as an online support mechanism which can be used by individuals, education providers, industry, networks and professional associations in meeting national and international standards in external peer review. The guide references the Portal as an optional support mechanism that higher education providers can use for external referencing activity and reporting.

  • What is the Peer Review Portal?

The Peer Review Portal (PRP) is a cloud-based review management system and online community of practice for quality assurance and review with no infrastructure or redevelopment costs. The review management system can be linked to other institutional online systems and reporting.

The Peer Review Portal is referred to in the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency's (TEQSA) external referencing guidance note as an optional online support mechanism for external review and external referencing.

There is an increasing onus on higher education institutions across the sector to demonstrate an evidence-based approach to self assurance.

For example, Curtin University is using the Peer Review Portal to support their Curriculum Analysis, Review and Renewal Schedule (2018-2022).

Booth, S. (2020). A higher education collaborative, streamlined approach to institutional self-assurance and accreditation

TEQSA best-paper in quality: Booth, S (2017) A cost effective solution for external referencing of accredited course of study.

  • What are the cost benefits of using the Peer Review Portal?

The cost benefits of using the Peer Review Portal include:

  • No annual subscription fees, works on a user pays system at $90+GST per review project

  • It significantly reduces current costs in quality assurance

  • There are no infrastructure costs or redevelopment costs

  • Automatic review management system in the cloud

  • Data confidentiality and security

  • Ease of use and virtual access

  • Access to free online community to chat and share practice

  • No duplication of effort creates much greater efficiencies in time

  • Customised templates

  • Connectivity with teams, networks and other online systems (including regulatory/accrediting bodies)

  • Automatic reporting and calibration

  • Efficient use of resources both internal and external

  • Can include consultants and external experts

  • Can be used for professional development

  • Consider these costs and these benefits with your own institutional practice and costs for all types of course accreditation/reviews (including time taken to complete reviews, administration, reporting and consultancy costs )

Contact: info@peerreivewportal.com for more information

  • What areas can you use the Peer Review Portal for to support your institution?

The Peer Review Portal can be used as an evidence-based review management system and online community of practice for quality assurance and review which can include:

  • Panels and Chairperson

  • Academic committees and quality departments

  • Industry and professional accreditation bodies

  • Disciplines and networks

  • Broadcast function for reviewers and institutions

  • Support for regulatory decisions and evidence of standards

  • Professional development workshops

  • Calibration functionality

  • Scholarship activities

  • Management reporting for evidence-based decision making

  • Online Peer Review Portal Community with public/private groups and shared resources

  • 24/7access to this community by mobile, iPad and computer

  • What support services do we provide?

Support Service 1. Annual course review and benchmarking service

  • We have an annual course review and benchmarking service. We work with HE institutions across the sector to benchmark their courses to meet TEQSA HESF (2015) requirements

  • These sector reviews meet TEQSA Standards requirements: 1.3.5, 1.4.1, 1.4.3, 1.4.4, 5.3.1, 5.3.4, 5.3.7

  • TEQSA's External Referencing Guidance Note

Support Service 2. External benchmarking projects

  • We undertake national and global benchmarking projects on an annual basis based on strategic themes in quality assurance and review. Examples include: assessment, student support, first year transition support and retention, academic integrity

  • This process involves comparing sector data, processes and evidence to identify areas of good practice, areas for improvement and areas for further development. Institutions put forward their institutional recommendations for evidence-based decision making

Support Service 3. Provide online workshops on quality assurance and review

  • We provide cost-effective online workshops based on strategic themes in quality assurance and review

  • We can also work with your institution/course teams to support you in quality assurance and review

Support Service 4: Policy development and review

  • We provide a service reviewing academic policies and procedures and work with your institution to provide relevant, concise and context-specific policy documentation to meet regulatory standards

  • What is our online Peer Review Portal Community?

Step 1. Access to online Peer Review Portal Community

  • Every time a new User registers on the Peer Review Portal, they have access to our free online community of practice

  • The aim of this online community of practice is to chat and share ideas across the sector

  • Key topics include: Sector news, Portal updates, Share Resources, Reviewer Recruitment, Portal Bugs, Suggestion Box, Site Feedback and Events and Workshops

  • There are both public and private groups that communities and networks can use to share information on quality assurance and review

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