Our Support Services

Four Key Services

Comparative Course Review and Benchmarking Service

We work with your institution/s to implement a cloud-based review management service which is affordable and accessible and provides automatic dashboard reporting for monitoring academic quality and reviews

Curtin University are using the Peer Review Portal for their Curriculum Analysis, Review and Renewal Process (CARR) See Schedule of Reviews for 2018-2022

Benchmarking Service

We provide a benchmarking service for networks and peak bodies. We calibrate and benchmark data and processes around key strategic themes

External Review of Assessment Service

We provide networks and peak bodies with an external review of assessment service across all disciplines. We work with our global partner, OneHE, who have Global Subject Centres

Academic Policy Review Service

We provide a service reviewing academic policies and procedures and work with your institution to provide relevant, concise and context-specific policy documentation to meet regulatory standards

We work with individuals, institutions and networks to make evidence-based reviews efficient, cost-effective, and outcomes-based.

For more information, please contact Dr Sara Booth: sara.booth@peerreviewportal.com

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